Want to Include Enjoyable Drinks in your Party? Hire Slushie Machines.

With the decision of hosting a party, a great responsibility of arranging the party in a way that makes it the most memorable and talked about of all times follows. We think of everything about the party from the perspective of guests and bearing ‘what would impress them’ in the mind. So, in order to make an everlasting impression on the minds of the guests, one should consider offering something totally unique and pleasant tasting in the party. This something should be as cool and delectable as icy drinks that cannot be prepared without slushie machines. So, what are slushie machines? Slushie machines are the means to make margaritas, daiquiris and cocktails.

Slushie machines hire in Central Coast and all over the rest of the world is a relatively new concept in the realm of parties. These machines have been here from a long time now, marking their presence only at the counter of bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. These amazing machines have emerged from the Italian culture where people were fonder of granitas, which is a delicious icy drink made with the aid of slushie machine. Since the beginning, the idea remained the same – crushing blocks of ice to make the drink and further adding sweet flavored liquids over it. The drinks varied in flavors which went from rockmelon to strawberry to mango to anything that could add exciting colors and flavor to the drink. And after it was done, a delicious and refreshing slush beverage is deemed to be ready to be savored to beat the heat.


In the beginning, the entire procedure was done manually; but with the passage of time and advancement in technology, the automated versions were discovered to add speed and efficiency to the process. And as soon as slushie machines were introduced in the market, a variety of new flavors were also brought about. In the machines’ initial phase, the customers that were targeted were kids who get attracted to flavors like raspberry, cola and blue lemonade. And no sooner had these machines were introduced than they started to gain immense popularity due to their functional superiority. From kids to adults, all were yearning for icy drinks prepared by such machines. And seeing the demand for such beverages rising, many food & drink outlets were forced to have these machines so as to cater to the demand. Soon after that, slushie machines were made to serve adults with alcoholic mixes.


The more advance slushie machines have become, the more versatile they have now been. Now, it is possible to obtain just any imaginable flavor in its liquid form and prepare pleasant-tasting cocktails with it. Some of the popular flavors are made using tequila sunrise, strawberry daiquiri, cosmopolitan, margarita, midrori illusion, etc. Fun begins with the process of addition of alcohol to the mixture that is frozen up by the machine. The amount of alcohol that can be added to the beverage can vary from 1 to 1.5l – depending more on your personal preferences. The entire procedure of converting the liquid mixture into ice takes only an hour or so and with the addition of aclcohol, you would be ready to serve your guests with many forms of delicious beverage.


Everything apart, the best part of the slushie machines would remain the convenience that they provide to the host of any party. With just one overlooker employed to take care of the machines and their operations, you can look forward to serving your guests with a variety of lip-smacking drinks. That’s why slushie machines hire in Central Coast has taken the fancy to more and more people who are planning an amazing party. At Eezee Freezee, you can hire latest slushie machines that are well maintained and well serviced to meet and exceed each one’s expectations. For party machine hire in Central Coast, make sure you do it from someone as reliable as Eezee Freezee.


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