New or Used Woodworking Machines: Which do you need?

Woodworking is the craft that requires both considerable woodworking skills and finely engineered woodworking machines and tools. Without any of the two, it is the quality of your woodwork that would suffer. This means that the kind of woodworking machine you would put to use would have a major impact on the quality of your woodwork. This would further have an undesirable effect on the operating cost of your woodworking business. And with these things in mind, many woodworkers find it hard to decide what would serve them the best – new woodworking machines or used woodworking machines? Where used machines are thought of delivering the same level of quality productivity at low prices, new machines are considered for their prolonged life and latest design. Read on to find out differences between the two in detail.


  1. Resale Value – Buying machines is never carried out with the intent of resale, but the woodworker cannot ignore this point especially when he does not know when and how a new technology would replace the existing one and would become absolutely indispensable to fine woodworking. Therefore, he should take into consideration the machines’ resale value. Used woodworking machines would reduce or eliminate your ability to resell them later. Whereas, new machines have a higher resale value, giving you much freedom to consider them for reselling if in case.


  1. Cost of buying – While in the first point it is the new woodworking equipment that outshined the used one, in this point, it is the pre-owned woodworking machines that stand out in all types of woodworking machinery. If you have allocated a lower cost for buying the machinery, the best thing to do is buy the pre-owned machinery that is as efficient as new ones. If you deal in good used machinery of reputed brand, you have no reason to fret anything about it.


  1. Repair cost – Many woodworkers have raised eyebrows at the time when their used machine comes to a jarring halt because of break down. Why: they see it as a time of shelling out a considerable amount as a repair cost on the machines in question. This is, however, not the case with the new ones. New ones do not burn holes in your pocket as much as the pre-owned ones do. In fact, in many cases, the first year of repairs would be covered under a parts/labor contract from the manufacturer.


  1. Parts Availability – When it comes to the availability of parts of machines, it is said that the components of the latest models are easier to locate than the parts of the older models. But that does not mean you cannot find the parts of older models in the market. You can; but with little more forbearance and knowledge.


If you address the maintenance demands for used woodworking machines from time to time, you work on reducing their repair costs and extending their life. However, the truth is that newer machines would experience lesser repairs and service issues. But for the ones who cannot afford to buy the new ones, used machinery would be a prudent choice that would meet the needs and expectations in the desired manner. A piece of advice: if you want to purchase a good quality used woodworking machine in its best state, you should approach a dealer as dependable as B & M Machine Tools.


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