4 Things Your Painter Won’t Reveal To You

Whenever there is a dire need for infusing a fresh new feel to any decor or giving a facelift to improve any home’s appearance, the first thing that most of the households think about is getting the home re-painted. It is quite acknowledged from the ROI point of view that there is nothing better and inexpensive than painting, which brings major transformation to the home’s looks. It is somewhat akin to the time when you want to look different and you think about having a makeover. But, as your makeover results are dependent on your makeover professional, in the same way how amazing your home would come out after getting repainted depends majorly on the role of painter and his level of expertise and craftsmanship. This is why hiring a credible professional painter is much emphasised. Read on to find out what is that the painter you are thinking about hiring is not going to reveal to you until you ask.


  1. The details of the cost – Your painter is only going to show you the bigger, unobjectionable picture of the cost. He is going to portray that it is all guesstimated, and there is nothing that is bloated or to worry about. He is going to give you all the reasons to believe in the authenticity of the process than unravelling the details of the process. If this is the case with you, you should make it a point to ask him straightway that you are interested in knowing the details of the cost including the material cost and the labour cost along with the scope of work, warranty, payment terms, etc., etc. It is not to show all the painters in bad light, but it is to make you wary of some potential ways of deceit.


  1. What’s the deal with the cheapest painting services – You might feel tempted to hire a painter who offers painting services at unbelievably low prices, but did you ever care to know how he is able to make a living out of such a seemingly unprofitable job. No business is here without the motive of making profits; so, if a painter is offering services at cheap rates, it is very likely that he is providing substandard services so as to make up for the cost. As a matter of fact, a quality job is never done at low prices. When quality concern is at the apex, costs including material costs and labour costs are generally higher. If you want quality to take a backseat in your project and are thinking about going with the cheap services, be prepared for an array of cons that follows including shortness of the job, lower quality, substandard finish and a complete wreck of money.


  1. Is he ready for the extent of preparation needed for the repaint job? – Many a times, your painter would not be ready to deal with the preparation stage for the repaint job. He would not take up preparation needed for repainting no matter how much your place is in need for it. It is you who need to examine how much and what kind of preparation is needed for your home so as to make it fit for repainting. And on the basis of this knowledge, you should discuss it with the painter that you choose for the job prior to finalising him.


  1. Insurance coverage – In most of the cases, your painter would not tell you that the insurance he talked about to win the deal only covers him and not the other five to six or whatever number of people working on the job. This comes under a kind of misrepresentation of facts about the company. This is, however, a big problem in case of any accident where the homeowner is brought under the scrutiny and is held liable to deal with the medical charges and compensation. Such can never be a case if you deal with the Sydney commercial painters as reliable as Rabin Painting Services.


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